Hiltgund 2007


8 Metre World Championships

15th - 21st July on the Clyde

As seen by those aboard Hiltgund supporting Ganymede

Crew & guests aboard:
Chris Perring, Rebecca Aitken, Elly Veitch, Andrew Whitfield, Giles Sibun, Felicity Hoare, Rufus & Reet Gilday, Dianne & Colin Palm, Jimmy & Tina Robinson, Andrew Rankin, Gilly Bourke & Christian Shaw.

Photos by Chris Perring, Giles Sibun, Andrew Whitfield & Felicity Hoare
(It is hoped that more pictures will be added as they become available)

Hiltgund spent week acting as viewing platform for supporters of (and support vessel to) the Aldeburgh team on Peter Wilson's brand new 8 Metre Ganymede at the World Championships which took place on the Clyde in July.

The Scottish climate offered a mix of different conditions for racing - light airs for some of the time, some moderate breezes and occasionally rather more than that. On the whole, the rain kept off while the boats were racing (though not necessarily while towing back home!) and we saw some good strong sunshine on two or three days.

Having only recently been launched and never raced before, Ganymede achieved a very creditable 6th over all in the series, her best result being 4th in the 2nd race on Friday. She demonstrated that she has got the pace to compete with the rest of the modern 8s and we look forward to her achieving even better results once various minor teething problems have been resolved. We await Helsinki in 2008 with bated breath!!

Full results for the series can be seen here: www.8metre-rncyc.com/Results.aspx

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Hiltgund 2007 - Becka at the helm

Heading for Rhu - approaching the Kyles of Bute - Becka Aitken at the helm (above) & drinks in the cockpit at Tignabruaich (below)


 Hiltgund at the 8 Metre Worlds - 2007

Hiltgund at the 8 Metre Worlds - 2007

Arrived at Rhu - prior to opening dinner (above) & out watching the racing (below)

Lay Day Outing - Jeremy Jameson & Trevor Harding last sailed on Hiltgund (then known as Pegasus) when they were at Dartmouth in the late 1940s. Much nostalgia for the ex-Dartmouth men and a welcome chance to get the sails up with a good breeze for a sail to Loch Long, and back to Rhu for a late lunch on board.

Hiltgund at the 8 Metre Worlds - 2007

Hiltgund at the 8 Metre Worlds - 2007


Hiltgund at the 8 Metre Worlds - 2007

At the races again - Friday

Hiltgund at the 8 Metre Worlds - 2007

Drinks after the last race - Andy Cassell is trolleyed!!

Hiltgund at the 8 Metre Worlds - 2007

Pictures of the Aldeburgh boats by Giles Sibun (Monday & Tuesday)


Pictures of the event by Felicity Hoare (Monday - Wednesday)

Ganymede sets off for her first sail.

Hiltgund at the 8 Metre Worlds - 2007

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